• Narooma High School Robot Team

    Narooma High Robot Team

  • Solar Equipped

    SOLAR EQUIPPED is proudly based in Batemans Bay, servicing the NSW South Coast from Nowra to Bermagui. We currently offer residential and commercial PV systems and will soon be licenced for hybrid battery systems.
    We do not use contractors. All of our work is done by our own CEC accredited and licenced team, guaranteeing you professional, high quality installations designed to last.

    With 7 years of experience specialising in the industry, you can be assured that you are in good hands.

    Solar technology is continuously advancing, becoming more efficient, affordable and beneficial for both residential and commercial purposes.

    We are committed to helping our customers understand the in’s and out’s of solar energy and the huge benefits it has for their homes and businesses, as well as the ever growing effects we are having on our planet and what we can do to minimise our carbon footprint.

    We are very exited to be a part of the Narooma Renewable Energy Expo and look forward to showcasing what we offer to our local community

  • Sunnyafternoons


    Sunnyafternoons is an Australian based organisation operating in the Sutherland, Shoalhaven & Eurobodalla areas supporting Australian products and local resources when possible SunnyAfternoons is a specialist in integrating solar energy technologies from residential to commercial applications. We have consistently supplied systems from a few kilowatts to installations over 100 kilowatts for many years in seamless integrations Australia wide. Contact:  Ben Scales Ph: 1300 303 795 ben@sunnyafternoons.com.au sunnyafternoons.com.au 
  • Skild Enterprises

    Skild Enterprises

    Turn your van or ute into an inexpensive, compact camper with a camper kit from Skild Enterprises, hand made in Moruya.

    Priced from:
    Basic bed $440
    Under bed drawer $370
    Gas cooker in drawer $170
    Sewn cover and foam mattress $625
    Dual Battery $850
    Folding 80w solar PV $540

    Contact us by
    email: Thomas.skild@gmail.com
    phone: 0497843111

  • Simmark


    Simmark is a multi-trade company offering services including electrical, air conditioning, all types of hot water, security and many others. One of our biggest businesses is the design and installation of photovoltaic solar power and battery storage systems for homes and businesses which we have been doing for 15 years. Simmark is the largest regional solar company in the service areas we cover. In 2019, Simmark opened a Eurobodalla regional office at 19 Kylie Crescent, Batemans Bay. Simmark strategy is to provide the best value value for our customers over the long-term. Simmark only uses the highest quality components which we would have on our own homes.0

    We don’t use subcontractors, only licensed, trained, insured and skilled tradesmen who are employed full-time at Simmark.

    We have a significant focus on training and we never stop learning as a team. We live and invest in the communities we serve and we are proud to be a local provider of critical trade services like solar and battery design, installation, servicing and repair. We are delighted to participate in the 2019 Renewable Energy Expo!

  • Designer Eco Tiny Homes

    Designer Eco Tiny Homes

  • Solar Energy Options

    Solar Energy Options

    If you are living on the beautiful South Coast and want the services of trusted Solar Professionals- Call us on 4471 3836.

    Solar Energy Options have twelve hundred happy customers between Eden to Nowra – a testimony of more than 10 years serving our local community.


    Contact Robert Kogler
    Ph 1300 559 85



  • South Coast Green Energy

    South Coast Green Energy

    Specialists in solar panel grid connect systems.

    South Coast Green Energy designs, supplies and installs solar panel grid connect systems tailored to our customer’s individual requirements, supplying panels from 1.5kw to 10kw

    Contact Cameron Rowley
    Ph: 0413 833 310


  • Moruya Bikes

    Moruya Bikes

  • Micro Energy Systems

    Micro Energy Systems

    Micro Energy Systems Australia MESA is a local Electrical Contracting Company based in Bodalla. 

    As a ‘trades’ company specialising in Renewable Energy Solutions, MESA is able to offer a complete turnkey service by installing & maintaining the systems that they sell, ensuring solid after sales support to their Customers.

    Accredited for Grid Connect, Battery storage and Off Grid systems, MESA have installed well over 2500 Solar systems for residential and commercial applications providing a low risk, high return on investment solution.

    In working partnership with the Southcoast Health & Sustainability Alliance, MESA continues to deliver cost effective solar to the Eurobodalla Community with the honesty and integrity you can expect from a local trades company.

    Contact Stephen & Lisa

    Office 4473 5988 or 0410 790 616




  • 350.org


      350.org Australia believes that a global grassroots movement can hold our leaders accountable to the realities of science and the principles of justice. The movement is rising from the ground up all over the world and is uniting to create the solutions that will create a better future for all. 350.org Australia is a not-for-profit project helping build this movement from our corner of the globe. Contact Allan Rees euro350.org@gmail.com 350.org.au


    SHASA – Southcoast Health and Sustainability Alliance – aims to make solar more accessible and affordable for everyone in our region.

    Join in on the Solar Bulk Buy right now.

    Contact Kathryn Maxwell
    Ph: 0467 558 645




  • Solarhart Far South Coast

    Solarhart Far South Coast

    We are award-winning Far South Coast agents for Solahart solar hot water and photovoltaic (PV) power systems. Our Solahart area runs south from Batemans Bay through to Eden

  • OEM Motorbikes

    OEM Motorbikes

    David Brow
    email : eombikes@gmail.com
    phone : 0456473368

    E-Mail  – The Electric postie. A Honda CT 110 conversion.
    The concept was born whilst touring the UK on a 2017 Zero DS 6.5 kw, where actual  experience of a short range electric motorcycle,was used and found to be pretty close to perfect. The pros and cons were listed down, an idea started to form on converting a model of motorcycle, researched and mathematics were done. After a sudden retreat from the uk and arrival in Australia the plans were modified to a set of build rules, to combat the effects of electric transport, material and ethical dilemmas held by EV, then developed a set of  build rules which are,  

    • Had to carry a carton of beer/55 lt top box/ milk crate, that prompted the postie as a donor.
    • Had to use the minimum amount of lithium battery, and adapt to new battery chemistry simply.
    • Had to have a battery that’s under 10 kg and removable
    • Had to use mostly second hand parts, off the donor and be simple
    • Had to be simple method to construct, to only eventually supply a “kit” of essential parts
    • Had to be made using easy to access parts like hardware store or ebay
    • Had to be built with basic tools and skills, chosen tools were drill, grinder, spanners, bench vice.
    • Had to be complied to ADR 3 to enable registration  
    • Had to be purpose built as a commuter, removing 60% of average travel (within 20 km of home)
    • as to not compete with a motorcycle of similar price.
    • Had to be under 60 v to not exceed the ELV Compliant rules to enable everyone to build it.
    • Kit build price had to be under 5 000 dollars
    • Travel 25 km in the city.
    • Reduce as much new material as possible, thus reduce carbon input as second hand doesnt need to be made as the carbon taken to create has been spent.

    There were a few more build rules however these dictated the Postie as a light easy to access for donors and parts. Simple to operate and not believed to be more than a commuter already.
    So the details of EMail are
    Postie frame and bits in a box X 2
     a few parts for the postie online, like bearings and essentials ,  
    1500 w 48 v hub motor, 52 v 24 Ah battery, kelly controller, lightened and modified swing arm, new front wheel, loom and controls, new rear brake set up, E-mail  has achieved 30 km range in city at 65 kph top speed, average speed is about 22 kph, tested in canberra, Qbn. brisbane.
    It was a journey getting the EMail registered, with engineering reports and tests, as a  converted, ICV , the rules not quite fitting motorcycles. This was achieved in QBN in august thus had a fully compliant and road registered Electric motorcycle. All the postie components,(frame and fork) were rebuilt with new parts or renewed parts. And a bit of rattle can paint.
    Thus the EMail project has ticked all the boxes set by the build rules
    Reduced a lot of carbon by using as much recycled parts as possible, as opposed to making new or creating a new product minimal componentry, 

  • Horizon Solar and Electrical


    Horizon Solar and Electrical is a highly professional electrical company that specialises in solar power systems.

    Contact Gary Leahy
    Ph: 064 936 580